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A4 – 208







December 1964

To be disposed


30 Oct 1964

Accepted from De Havilland (Call sign VH-JMG)


Nov 1964

Departed Toronto for RAAF Richmond


Dec 1964

Assigned to 38 Squadron


Jun 1965

Stationed in Vietnam until Feb 1972



Retired from service, this aircraft was put into short term storage at Oakey ARMY Base, Queensland.


This aircraft is awaiting disposal by public tender which closed on the 1st March 2011.



OTHER NOTES: (Ref www.adf-serials.com)

  1. Served with 35 Sqn in Vietnam Jun 65 - Feb 72.
  2. On Friday 30 July 1967, Caribou A4-208 was hit by two rounds of .30 calibre automatic weapon fire at an altitude of 1500 feet during descent for landing at Dak Seang Airfield, South Vietnam.   One round hit and cut the aircraft's rudder cable, while the second round struck the fuselage aft roundel, side unknown.   This section of fuselage was removed from A4-208 as part of damage battle repair and is now held by the Australian War Memorial.
  3. On the 19 January 1969, 3 mortar rounds hit ground 25m from aircraft.   With both pilots injured, aircraft hydraulics, flaps, brakes damaged and flat main tyres the aircraft got airborne and recovered ok.   When on the ground the aircraft was found to have been hit with 100 pieces of shrapnel.
  4. A4-208 ran off the landing surface at the Backmede ALG (Authorised Landing Ground) near Kyogle, NSW on 18 Nov 85 and ended in a paddock whilst participating in Exercise Casino Royale.   During the incident the aircraft received wingtip and fuselage damage.   After the aircraft stopped it was shut down and the eight persons on board exited the aircraft without injury.
  5. Used by 38 Sqn during numerous flood relief operations Australia wide.
  6. A4-208 was a Battle Damage Training aid at Oakey ARMY Base, QLD.
  7. A4-208 is currently at Oakey having been totally stripped out in preparation for possible dumping on an artificial reef in Moreton Bay.   Still there May 2011.