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A4 – 185






July 1964

Written Off


11 Jun 1964

Accepted from De Havilland (Call sign VH-???)


1 Jul 1964

Departed Toronto for RAAF Richmond, this aircraft was abruptly halted at Butterworth and sent to Vietnam, arriving Aug 1964.


Aug 1964

Assigned to RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam (RTFV) until 18 Nov 1964


18 Nov 1964

Departed runway on landing and crashed at A Ro, RVN


Last reported




OTHER NOTES: (Ref www.adf-serials.com)

  1. Issued to Butterworth but diverted to Vietnam on delivery flight to RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam 15 July 1964.
  2. Served with 35 Sqn in Vietnam August 1964 – November 1964.
  3. 15 November 1964 A4-185 was the first RAAF aircraft damaged by enemy fire in Vietnam.
  4. Crashed on the 18 November 1964 at A Ro Vietnam where she crashed into a ditch dug across the runway.   The engines and wings were recovered but the fuselage was left behind were it served as a command post.





185 on runway from the air

A photograph from the air of A4-185 where she came to rest.



185 on the runway from the rear

A closer look at A4-185 from the ground.
Photo by John Griffiths



185 with broken tail

Removing the tail section of A4-185
Photo by John Griffiths



Removing the starboard wing of 185

Removing the starboard wing of A4-185.
Photo by John Griffiths

ffithsPhoto by John Gri